Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 9-10 He won't

But that's ok. I'm feeling very relaxed and actually quite giddy with the whole remodel thing. This is fun! It kinda reminds me of my old project management job, juggling lots of different activities, trying to keep things moving along.
The demo is moving along.....slowly. According to our neighbor, it could've been done more quickly, but I like that my Brazilian demo crew has been careful and deliberate. One of them, who was a veterinarian back in Brazil, if ever in doubt, always asked first then demolished. I think that's preferable to the other way around.
So, we've gone from this on Wednesday:
to this at the end of Thurs:
Who'd have thought a demolished house could look so clean and neat!
Can't wait for tomorrow! The concrete sawing guys are coming!!


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