Sunday, July 16, 2006

Days 4-6 More of the Same

Pretty boring. More demo, ripped all the paneling off the Master BR walls. There wasn't a shred of insulation in any of the exterior walls. The Master BR didn't even have drywall behind the paneling. No wonder we froze every winter in that room. I'm looking forward to the "insulation" experience. I think it'll be money well spent.
They also took off the exterior stucco, so now the north side of the house is completely open to the elements.
It's looking like demolition might take more than the originally stated 6 days. Saturday, they started loading the truck with some of the debris and it filled up very quickly. I'm thinking they've got at least 5 more loads and they haven't even tackled the most difficult part of the demo work, namely removing the chimney and it's foundation.

Sunday was a day of rest. City ordinance doesn't allow contractors to work on Sunday. But homeowners can. We didn't! :-)

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