Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 24 Thurs 8/3

Lots of cars, vans and trucks today! You know what that means :-)

The underground plumbing and electrical got finished today when they poured the concrete to fill in the holes. At first they talked about pumping the concrete from the street to the house. But the actual quantity needed was so small, they just wheelbarrowed it.

Foundation work started. They're measuring and building the forms. The wood they're using is from HD, ie it doesn't have to be good quality.

In comparison, the wood we're using for framing came from a lumberyard, Golden State Lumber, in Newark. That got delivered today. It even had my name spray painted on the side! I got price quotes from Golden State, Pine Cone in Sunnyvale and Minton's in Mt. View (listed in order from $ to $$$).

I'm sure glad I swept the driveway before the lumber delivery. Look at all the dust I collected and it weighed a ton:
The lumber order was literally "dropped" onto the driveway, creating a huge dust cloud, even after all my sweeping.

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