Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 25 Fri 8/4 Foundation and Framing

More deliveries: rebar, concrete blocks, drill bits, other stuff all related to foundation work.

They've started framing the Guest BA plumbing wall. We're finally starting to reconstruct as opposed to deconstruct.

UPS delivered the Duravit wall hung toilet today. No one was home, so they just left the 3 packages at the doorstep. All the internet stores tell you to examine the packages as they are delivered, and indicate any damages before the delivery guy leaves. I have yet to do that. How can you, when they ring and run regardless of whether you're home or not. To date, I haven't had any problems with damaged merchandise, but today I examined the toilet and there's a small chip at the very bottom. Good news, I think it'll be very hard to detect especially after grouting, so I'm not going to bother returning.

More foundation questions. Had to call the architect and have him review a foundation detail with the structural engineer. I can't wait to get all these "structural" issues behind us. It really seems like all of the foundation/structural stuff for our house is WAY overengineered. I keep thinking once the framing is done, it'll be all down hill. The reality is, of course, there's sure to be new "surprises" to keep the project interesting :-).

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