Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 26-28 Sat - Mon 8/5 - 8/7

Let's see if I can even remember what happened.....

Saturday, framing and digging for foundation. Progressing slowly. I swept and broom cleaned the entire downstairs. Finally broke down and bought a push broom and huge shovel/scoop which made the task much easier. What a difference it made cleaning up all the sawdust, nails, debris on the floor. Still wouldn't eat off the floor, of course!

Sunday, more of the same (technically, not supposed to work on Sundays; hopefully no one complained, certainly not our immediate neighbors). Tristan took a lot of stuff to the dump - old plumbing pipes, 2x4s, 2x6s, scrap lumber. Had a couple of "Craigslist people" show up and salvage some of the scrap lumber. Hope someone will take the growing pile of dirt!

Monday, only foundation work today. Frustrating aspects: Framer's workers don't show up or show up late; work that's done is not obvious and so it seems nothing gets done for the day.

I did get the HVAC sub to come today. He talked things over with the framer and we came up with a solution for moving the upstairs furnace so we could raise the ceiling to 8 ft over the expanded bathroom. The more we talked, the better the solution got. Instead of lifting the furnace up, we'll just slide it over. Instead of framing a new chase for the cold air return, we'll just vent if from the ceiling.

Another problem that got creatively solved: In the Master BA, cut out the toekick on the storage cabinet and use the cabinet to hide the extra wide vent pipe. Otherwise, we'd need to break into the newly poured concrete (uh, just call that a miscommunication between the plumber and framer).

Parallams got delivered today; fireplace installer is coming out Thurs to review how to vent the gas fireplace.

Oh, oh, oh, before I forget, I need to pack up the car tonight with all the plumbing rough-in parts: shower valves, in-wall tank and carrier for toilet, wall-mounted faucet valves. The plumber is supposed to come tomorrow and start rough-in. I'm really hoping a lot of plumbing work gets done tomorrow. I would love to see the Kelly trap fixed so we can fill in the trench.

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