Monday, August 21, 2006

Week 6: YAHOO!!!

Pull out the champagne! Pop the corks! We passed our foundation inspection today!! Setback, forms and steel. I was a bit nervous about setback, because we're very close to the 6' limit. We - Ruben, the blind framer; Bob, my next door neighbor; and I - discussed our strategy if the inspector found any problems with the setback. Namely, the actual property line is on Bob's side of the fence.

When it came time for the inspection, the inspector very carefully looked at the plans and reviewed each area where new foundation was to be poured. He noted all the rebar caging, whether the rebar had been epoxied, where the anchor bolts were positioned. Everything looked great and he went over to the table, picked up our permit card and was ready to sign, when he muttered, "Oh, yeah. Setbacks." Gulp.

He headed back to the front of the house and eyeballed the setback (he didn't have a measuring tape), then using his feet, toe, heeled, toe, heeled the distance and proclaimed "Yeah, that looks good," and signed the card. I love the English measuring system!

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