Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week 17: Oct 30 - Nov 5

Electrician replaced the service panel with new 200A one. Called to have utilities come and reconnect the power. They told me they didn't have the paperwork. I said "What paperwork?" They said the paperwork saying the inspector signed off on it. Huh???? Another "Ooops, I didn't know about that" moment. Apparently I had to call the building dept. and schedule an inspection first.

The inspector came the next day; unfortunately it was you-know-who. along with his protege', I mean the rookie inspector. He actually had a few words of praise for the electrician's work, but didn't pass the inspection because the service panel amperage was 200A and the temporary construction outlets had a 100A fuse (hope I got that correct). Plus, he found additional busy work for us to do - waterproof a section of our exterior sheathing because the grade was too high.

The electrician came out the next day to fix the "problem", but I was unable to get a re-inspection this week. Will have to wait till Monday next week.

Meanwhile, I worked on demo'ing all the remaining trim and baseboard around the house. In hindsight, I should have had the demo contractor demo everything, but at the time, I thought I would try to salvage as much of the house and minimize new work. Live and learn. Next time, let's tear the whole house down!

That's kinda indicative of how I'm feeling right now about the remodel. Nothing's happening; we're bogged down; this is going on forever; it'll never be finished. I need a second wind!

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