Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week #25; Dec 25 - 31 Insulation

Now that we've passed rough-in, we can start to seal up the walls. But first gotta put in insulation. I got bids from 4 companies to install insulation in all of the ceilings and exterior walls, but none were working between Xmas and New Year. It wouldn't have been an issue but for the plumbing delays. Now, I really didn't want to have a week go by with nothing happening at the house. So one day, when I was at HD in the insulation aisle, I asked the two guys standing next to me if they knew anyone who installed insulation. "Yeah, sure!" Then I asked my fireplace installer if he knew anyone. "Yeah, sure!"
So, we ended up hiring Fidel, buying our own insulation and saving a ton. Buying the Johns Manville formaldehyde-free insulation at HD, combined with my 10% off coupon, saved me 40% on material costs. And this was another eye opener. I based my buy quantity on the companies' material estimates; at the end of the job, I had enough insulation left over to do all of our interior walls as well. And of course, we didn't lose a week on the schedule. All in all, we paid less and got more.

Even before all of the insulation work had been completed, our drywall contractor stopped by and delivered the sheetrock. It really felt like things were moving!

Finally this week, the electrician put in speaker wires (before the ceiling insulation went in) and Tristan and I installed a couple more pocket doors.

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