Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week #27: Design Stuff = Fun Stuff

Now that the drywall is going up, we're switching gears and concentrating on all the finish work, i.e. choosing all the fun design stuff!!!

My friend Kathryn came down from SF and helped me choose paint colors. It is so much easier and of course so much more fun to have another person to bounce ideas off of. Oh, and did I mention Kathryn has really good design sense! Here's our initial stab. A lot of Benjamin Moore Historical colors, more muted and grayed, since we're going for a farmhouse style.

I also went up to M. Teixiera and picked out a soapstone slab for our kitchen countertops and fireplace surround. That only took one hour! Then drove down the road to Fox Marble
to check out Carrara marble. Being one of the largest fabricators in our area, they have tons of remnant pieces. I found a piece large enough for two bathroom countertops plus leftover for 4 thresholds, only $300. But since I hadn't decided on a fabricator, I didn't plunk down the money. It looked like they had lots of remnants so hopefully I can find something there again as we get closer to actually needing it.

Another finish detail is window and door casing. We're going with a simple Craftsman style butt joint, but I want the header to stand proud of the side casing, so that means we have to find 5/4 stock for the header. I checked at HD and a couple of local lumberyards; they don't carry it. Will have to do more research.

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Finally, I ordered a custom screen door from Martin's Screen Shop, a local business. Decided internet wasn't going to be worth it after the custom charges and shipping. I'm going to use the screen door for the walk-in pantry. I got the idea after seeing it in a magazine - that's how I get all of my ideas - beg, borrow, steal :-).

Now I'm trying to figure out how to hinge it so it opens both ways. I'm telling you, anytime you try to do anything slightly out of the ordinary, it's 100 times more work. I may need a Plan B.

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