Friday, January 26, 2007

Week #29: Jan 22 -28 Texturing Drywall

The drywall sub continued texturing & sanding in order to have ceiling and walls ready for priming on Friday. The cold weather slowed down the drying process; you can see the darker areas are not completely dry.

Bought red rosin paper at HD and covered shower floors to protect from all the drywall sanding. Can use this stuff later over the installed hardwood floors.

The pantry screen door's ready, but still having problems finding the right hinges. One pair suggested by a door company is $130!!

Down to the wire, picked a painter on Wed so we can start priming on Friday!

Found someone to hang the interior doors, another handyman who does a lot of work for a friend. Kinda felt like I left some money on the table there. Didn't do as thorough a job vetting out the best contractor for this job. But by Sunday late afternoon, all the interior doors were installed. Plus, I found cafe hinges ($7/pair at OSH) for the screen door instead of the aforementioned $130 double action spring-loaded hinges. Check it out; they work perfectly!

Swing IN:

Swing OUT:Psyched to the moon too that Mr. Xu is going to tile and install cabinets for us!!! He did remodels for my parents and the house in Newark. Been calling him since November to check on his availability and to see if he'd do our job, but he always seemed so non-committal. I was sooo worried he was giving us the brush off; figured the commute wasn't worth it. But today, I called him again to see if he could start tiling next week and he said yes! And an enthusiatic yes at that. The timing worked out great. His big job up in SF is finishing up this week, so he's all ours after that!!

Tristan and I worked on installing the front door hardware. Pretty simple and straightforward, except at the end when we closed the door to test the deadbolt and latch and found the holes in the door jamb didn't line up. Arghhh, Tristan had to chisel out the hole a bit.

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