Monday, February 12, 2007

Kitchen Cabinets

Finally, most of our cabinetry arrived, 1 1/2 weeks late. Our Great Room is a big storage facility now.The kitchen island is still missing along with some interior fittings, crown moulding, toekick boards. Hopefully those will arrive later this week.

Remember how I said in a previous post I just knew there would be problems even after going over every seeming minutiae? Well, I noticed several of the cabinet drawer fronts were not the right style. I wanted all slab fronts on the drawers, like this:

But some were framed, like this:

The cabinet company said to go ahead and install everything and they would be out to replace the drawer fronts.

We bought our cabinets from Niviya, a local custom cabinet shop. Our neighbors down the street recommended them. Certainly their price was great, especially for the inset style which was what we wanted. Other shops charged 30% extra for inset style, whereas Niviya only had a 5% upcharge. And the materials they used were very good given their prices. All solid wood or plywood, no particleboard; material thicknesses were all in the "best" category; full extension drawer slides. The factory lacquer finish looks great. (Reminder to myself: I should just double check the finish color against my sample board.)

We'll see how the installation goes!

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