Sunday, February 04, 2007

Week #30: Jan 29 - Feb 4 Painting, Tiling, Beadboard

Painters worked all week priming & painting windows, painting all the ceilings before the kitchen cabs arrive.
Mr. Xu started tiling, yippee! I raced up the stairs the next morning to see the first tile go down in the house. This is the Penny Round Series tile from American Universal for the Kids' BA:

Made a trip up to SF to buy milkpaint, and plunk money down for a marble remnant at Fox Marble. Now I have to pick a fabricator!

The plumber finally sent someone out to fix the old kitchen drain leak. Hope that's the end of that problem.

Our weekend DIY project was installing beadboard in the pantry. After two days of work, we got two walls finished. I think Tristan was a little bit disappointed at the pace, but I tried to console him by reminding him that Mr. Xu and his co-worker barely got one wall tiled in a day. And after all, this was the first time we'd tackled anything like this. Finish work just takes time, especially if you want to do a good job. Our biggest problem was trying to fit a 4'x8' beadboard panel thru a 26" door opening. A lesson in spatial geometry!

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