Friday, April 06, 2007

We're done!!! With trim, that is.

Yipee! A milestone. We FINALLY finished the last of the trim, the beadboard wainscotting in the laundry/mudroom, which depended on getting the pocket door cased, which depended on getting the pocket door shortened. Thank goodness for Mr. Xu. He took the pocket door down, shaved off a half inch or so, then reinstalled the door and lined it up nicely with the framed opening.

Oh yeah, and we also had to build and install the niche storage space. I went to Lowe's and had them cut 3/4" veneered plywood into the right sizes. For less than $5, they made all the cuts for two storage niches. Sure beats doing it ourselves. Then with the help of Tristan's Uncle Steve, we installed it piece by piece into the mudroom niche. You can see it on the right side of the photo.

My favorite part was doing the cap rail for the wainscotting. Just plain 1x3s and 1x2s. I liked doing the 45 degree cuts at the ends and rounding them off lightly with the sanding block.

Well now that the trim is done, that means the painter can start downstairs! And once the painter's done, the electrician can finish installing all the light fixtures and switch plates. And once the electrician's done then we can have an inspection! Ooops, forgot about the plumber. He's got a few things to finish up. Maybe we won't be having that inspection quite so soon.

postscript: a couple of days later, the painter noticed the inside of one of the closets had not been cased. Oh well, so much for being done with trim.

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