Monday, October 01, 2007

Room By Room: Kitchen

We've been in our house now for over 4 months. I love our kitchen - when I'm making the kids' school lunches or feeding them at the island or baking a pie, the kitchen works the way I had imagined, hoped and planned. It's filled with little features that work for our family.

Room by Room - Entry

I've gotten a bit of flack from some of our friends who've been wondering, "So what's up with the house? What's the final product look like????"

Well, I like to think every home is a work in progress, even after you're all moved in, things are unpacked, artwork is up, etc. - not to say that we've even finished doing those things!

With that as a caveat, I'll try to provide a quick tour through most of the house. First stop, the Entry.