Monday, February 11, 2008

Kitchen Island Butcher Block Countertop

This is/was our last big punchlist item. Oh for sure, we have other things to do, but at this point, the rest seems rather minor, ie we've become inured to the blight. Plus, have you noticed? The weather's turned the corner, well, at least in our neck of the woods. Goodbye winter, hello gardening!

So this may be the last post for awhile re the inside of our house. I may start posting garden stuff though :-)

Here's the island with the "temporary" plywood top. We just picked it up (it was never bolted down), moved it over to the Yellow Room and repurposed it as a sewing/cutting table.

Then we had to do a little prep work before we could top the island with the butcher block.

Room by Room: Master BR Closet

OK, maybe not really a room, but in any case, I love our walk-in closet! The wallpaper and beadboard make me smile, maybe even more so because we put them in ourselves :-)

Having never installed wallpaper, I, of course, did some research online as well as checking out some books from our local library. The prep work, always the most important step, was thankfully minimal in our case, since the wall was brand new and I had asked the painter to only prime the drywall.