Monday, February 11, 2008

Room by Room: Master BR Closet

OK, maybe not really a room, but in any case, I love our walk-in closet! The wallpaper and beadboard make me smile, maybe even more so because we put them in ourselves :-)

Having never installed wallpaper, I, of course, did some research online as well as checking out some books from our local library. The prep work, always the most important step, was thankfully minimal in our case, since the wall was brand new and I had asked the painter to only prime the drywall.

Nevertheless, we took the precautionary step of putting on another coat of primer/sealer, Zinsser Shieldz Plus, which is designed specifically for wallpapering. The primer/sealer will help if, in the future, we ever decide to remove the wallpaper. We also had the primer/sealer tinted to match the background color of the wallpaper so any small gaps between two panels of wallpaper would be less noticeable. Here we've taped off the beadboard before applying the primer/sealer.

Below, Tristan and his helpful assistant Phoebe are cutting panels of wallpaper. I don't have any pictures of the next steps, but they will paint an adhesive (Zinsser SureGrip) on the back of each cut panel of wallpaper, then "book" the panel (fold the panel onto itself) and let it rest so the adhesive can activate and so the wallpaper can "relax"; otherwise we might get bubbles and blisters when we put it on the wall.

I hung the first panel in the corner which will be the most visible portion and then moved to the left which will largely be hidden by hanging clothes. You can see the excess wallpaper hanging at the top and bottom. These will be trimmed with a sharp retractable razor blade.

After the end wall was finished, I went back to the corner and started working my way to the right. Here I am finishing up and trimming the last panel.

And here's the finished wallpapering.

Not including the priming/sealing, the whole process took about 3 hours which I thought wasn't bad. Of course, we only had to do two half-walls. Still, I would be completely up for doing more wallpapering! Have you seen some of the amazing patterns?!?! Drool, drool.

The last steps were installing the closet poles and shelving. I had Mr. Xu take care of that, although I did iron on veneered trim to finish off the ugly cut edges of the plywood. Oh yeah, and then filling in nail holes and my favorite (not!) - painting.

It IS nice finally having a closet in our room. Before the remodel, all of our clothes were hanging in the office closet down the hall!

Master Walk-in Closet: Beadboard/Trim/Ceiling /Shelving paint: Simply White (OC-117) Benjamin Moore; Wallpaper: Gramercy En Vogue - Danica/Cream # 686942; Flooring: Kahrs Houston 2-strip, engineered oak hardwood.


Brittany Stiles said...

I was googling this wallpaper pattern for a client and your blog came up. I enjoyed looking over your remodel! This Gramercy paper is now discontinued and my client is relying on my to "work some magic" and come up with a few more rolls. We were only able to get 10, but need a couple more. I was wondering if you maybe had some rolls left over that I could buy from you? I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for your time and the remodel looks great!

Brittany Stiles

Pearl said...

Hi Brittany, sorry I didn't see your post until now. Unfortunately, all I have left is about 20" of wallpaper. I was pretty surprised how much got used up, since I thought I bought plenty, but maybe because of the large pattern, it created a bit more waste. I wish you luck in finding more of the pattern!