Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week #18: Nov 6 - 12

Spending a lot of time finding the materials req'd to waterproof the sheathing. Inspector says must use Grace Ice and Water shield. I check Grace's corporate website to find out who carries it. First of all, according to their website, the Ice and Water shield is for roof applications. For vertical, wall applications, Grace Vycor 40 is used. After calling 6 or 7 stores, finally find one in Newark that carries the product. Also trying to find a sheet metal fabrication shop to make the "special" L-shaped 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal needed to go over the Grace Vycor 40.

Finally, inspection for service panel passes. But not without a parting comment from the inspector "Why did he (the electrician) do it like that? Now, we'll have to send out the utility crew again at the end of the project to disconnect and reconnect. You're costing us money. That's why we want people to put up temporary power poles." Yeah, and at a cost of $900 in city and permit fees, that's why I didn't want to put up a temporary power pole.

The inspector and his protege also questioned my use of the Vycor 40. I had the pleasure of sharing my new found knowledge with them.

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