Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week #19: Nov 13 - 19

Sigh. Not a lot of work got done the last 2 1/2 weeks. Mostly because we had no power.

We finally got back on the grid on Tuesday. It took another week after we passed inspection to have utilities come out and reconnect us. I guess that's how long it takes to process "paperwork". During the blackout period, we "borrowed" power from our kind neighbor, Bob. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again, he's been a great neighbor to have on this project!

You know what's interesting about getting a new electrical starts at zero!!

I hired a handyman to help us get thru a few punchlist items. And here I thought punchlists happened at the end of a project. No siree. Here was our mid-way punchlist:

- Misc blocking, including 12"h all around shower stalls for hot-mopping
- Install 3 bathroom fans, duct to outside
- Replace, repair, plus new 2nd floor siding
- Install/trim 2 ext man doors
- Plumber: install all new gas lines, outdoor hosebib, icemaker water line
- Beef up front 4x4 post, plus add decorative trim
- Install beadboard ceiling over front porch
- Remove old baseboards/trim
- Add 2x4 cleats for attic plywood
- Record where all blocking is before drywall goes up
- Wrap old plenum with metal duct tape
- Vacuum, clean all walls before drywalled in
- Demo stucco around garage door
- Sawzall ceiling joist

So now with power, things are starting to roll again. The plumber came out and in 2 days installed all of the new gas lines, the outdoor hosebib, plus the soft roll for the icemaker. Plumbing rough-in is done!

The new handyman installed the front door (had to do a lot of adjustments to the opening which was not framed plumb or square), plus installed siding along the gable part of the new entry.

The electrician came over the weekend and we reviewed all the kitchen wiring, outlets, appliances. He says he's going to finish everything by next weekend.

I got myself some new toys: a 12" Bosch compound miter saw, a circular saw and a Makita cordless driver/drill. All the guys were oohing and ahhing over the Bosch. I thought to myself, aha, so this is what it must feel like to tool around town in a Porsche or strut your stuff in a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Meanwhile, I'm really enjoying cross-cutting 2x4s like they're a stick of butter.

Tristan and I got a lot accomplished over the weekend. To date, we've DIY'd the following:
- Installed 3 bathroom fans
- Installed membrane and sheet metal to waterproof sheathing
- Demo'd trim, baseboards; toilet and tile in BA
- Primed beadboard, ripped panel to size
- Finished blocking for showers, heat registers, towel bars
- Dug out dirt around house
- Cut down wisteria vine
- Removed ceiling joist, old 2x4s in BA

Could it be I'm getting my 2nd wind????

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