Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week #20: Nov 20 - 26

WHOA!!! I'm caught up on my blog!!!! I must really be re-energized.

The handyman was back again this week to work on installing the fire-rated door, cladding the front post and installing the front porch beadboard ceiling. It's been really fun, i.e., challenging and a learning experience, figuring out how to dress up the front post. I wanted to beef up the 4x4 and also hide the metal brackets that tie it into the slab and header. It was a 3-way pow-wow with Steve, Bob and myself. Throw in the guy at Bruce Bauer and we found a solution!

We'll add the bottom part of the trim later. Our top priority was to get everything stucco-related done.

That leads me to my new strategy. From now on, I'm just going to call the next sub in line and give him a start date. Then tell all the other subs what the drop dead date is and watch them scramble. Well, at least that's how it worked with the stucco job. I called the stucco sub Wed morning and said, "I'm ready for papering and lathing. When can I get on your schedule?" He said, "OK, I'll meet you at the house in 20 minutes and then tomorrow my guys will start." Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! I was incredulous. Your crew is going to work on Thanksgiving Day?? "Oh yeah, they want to make money." And here I thought nothing would happen during the holidays. Maybe I can get a lot done during Christmas - New Year???

Well, after that conversation, I got on the horn with the window guy. "Oh yeah," he said. He was also going to be at our house on Thanksgiving Day, finishing up stuff so the stucco guy could do his thing. Or I'm thinking, it's going to be more difficult for him to install any remaining windows, trim, drip caps, etc., after the house has been papered and wired. So there's his motivation.

And now with the impending arrival of the stucco crew, the handyman finished cladding the post and installing the beadboard (which we bought, primed and ripped to size).

We're ready for stucco! And here's what it looks like after papering and lathing:

Sooo, I also went ahead and scheduled our rough-in inspections: framing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, plus added paper/lath. THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Tuesday AM, November 28. Hopefully, there won't be any major issues, but just in case, my plan is to forewarn the subs and ask them to block out some time Tues PM to come and take care of any problems.
I would really like to be drywalled by Xmas so we can start some finish work then. Especially since it sounds like people might be interested in working during the holidays! Me and Tristan included!

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