Saturday, January 06, 2007

Week #22: Dec 4

Well, apparently nothing happened, since I can't seem to find a record log for this week. Actually, I know Clint was working mucho hours trying to wrap up the electrical. It's getting dark earlier now, so I bought a big halogen lamp to encourage longer working hours!
Steve worked on trimming the front door and garage door and got the remaining siding up.
My main job, as always, is cleaning up the place. When I signed up for the GC job, I didn't quite realize how much of my time would be spent sweeping, vaccuming, moving stuff around. I normally hate housekeeping, but it is something an unskilled laborer like me can do, as opposed to swinging a hammer. I don't have any strength. I need power tools! That's why I think we need to get a nail gun. Hint, hint.

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