Saturday, January 06, 2007

Week #23: Dec 11

Clint worked late nights to finish the electrical work. Here's the BEFORE of the subpanel with the rat's nest of wires feeding in.

And the AFTER with all the wires going to their appropriate terminals:

He had to add another smaller subpanel because we had so many electrical circuits.

Finally, time for the BIG inspection! The good news: we passed electrical, framing and HVAC. The bad news, I didn't realize we had to have the drain, waste and vent (DWV) lines filled with water to show the inspector we had no leaks. Actually, the plumber should have known that. Later, I found out he was hoping they would only have to pass a running test (just having water run and drain thru the system). Soon, I was to find out why the city requires a stacked inspection.
So now, I had to get the plumber over to cap all but the highest vent stack, fill with water and get another inspection. Bummer.

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