Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week #26: Jan 1 - 7 Drywall

Happy New Year!
The next day, we were back at work. Lots of little punchlist items, but they had to be done before the walls got closed up. We had our handyman, Steve, come in and help us finish a couple of things, adding plywood boards in between the pocket door frames to strengthen it, drilling holes in the concrete subfloor (he had a more powerful hammer drill), fixing a sagging ceiling joist (from removing an old skylight).

The plumber came in and connected and tested the bathtub drain, plus filled in their remaining holes with concrete.
Tristan went shopping for speakers so we'd have the templates marked on the ceiling.

We put up 30lb felt paper on all the shower, bathtub walls as extra water proofing behind the cement backer board, which the drywallers will install. The gap at the bottom is where the hot mopping goes. I also scheduled the hot moppers to come next week so we can finish the shower pan and get our inspection.

Steve and I were there till 8:30pm felt papering the bathtub walls which were complicated by the fact we had to add furring strips to bring the paper out level with the bathtub lip. Try as I do to think ahead and figure out how one decision affects the next, I've made my share of mistakes. For example, with the bathtub, I spent all night thinking about the ramifications of furring out the walls. I had bought bullnose tile to finish the tile/wall edge. But with the tub wall 1/2" proud of the rest of the walls, I would need to throw out the bullnose and instead buy quarter round tile. If I wanted to save the bullnose, I'd need to fur out all the rest of the bathroom walls. But that meant my toilet wouldn't be exactly 12" out from the wall which might be a problem for the water inlet connection. Gadzooks!
The next morning when the drywall crew showed up, I was still trying to figure out the best strategy and decided to remove the furring strips on the regular walls which meant buying new quarter round tile. Oh well. Thank goodness we screwed the furring strips in instead of nailing them.
When the drywall crew pointed out several areas where the framers did not leave a place to attach the drywall, I was quite proud of myself for being able to cut and attach additional blocking and framing so they could keep working, even if I did accidentally cut off a small corner of the sawhorse with my circular saw!
I think I've mentioned this before, but thank goodness for power tools! I mean forget the hammer; I can't drive a nail worth anything. That's why I was screwing everything in, so I could use the cordless drill. But once we get our cordless nail gun, watch out!

This week I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the cabinetry. I think originally I had planned to order them in November! See how far our schedule has slipped? I know it should be old hat by now, but the amount of detail in every aspect of this project still amazes me. With the cabinet order, even as I was signing the contract, I was rechecking dimensions and finding little errors. I just know when the cabinets come in, something is going to be amiss. And I'm not being a pessimist! I'm just being realistic!

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