Friday, February 16, 2007

Free Closet Design

For every little thing that goes into a house, there are usually some rules or guidelines or standard methodology to follow.
I'd checked out Carpentry 3rd edition from the library and was reading Chapter 79 Application of Door Casings when surprise, surprise, it had a small bit about installing closet trim. It went into specific details such as using 1x5 stock for the shelf cleats, 1x12 for the shelf above the pole, hang the pole 64" from the floor and 12" away from the back wall. Gosh, I hadn't even thought about these kinds of details! Then while doing a search on pantry shelving (realizing maybe there are rules about this too!), I found these awesome closet design and installation articles.
It basically gave me all the standard dimensions for designing a closet, things like:

  • Install double poles at 84" and 42"
  • Put your very top shelf 84" off the floor and then you can install both double and single poles along one wall
  • Shoes need 7" high shelves
  • Cut shelf cleat 1/4" to 1/2" short from the front of the shelf, so it looks cleaner and neater

Great diagrams and photos too. We're going to be soooo organized! I hope :-)

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