Thursday, March 08, 2007

Week 35: Mar 5 - Mar 11

The stucco crew showed up bright and early Tues, and finished the second coat of stucco. I think there were 6 on the job and they were done in 5 hours.

Some of the kitchen upper cabs got crown moulding. Really polishes up the look! Without crown:

With crown:

After my "tough" talk last week with the cabinetmaker, they took back the pieces that were too big, reworked them and redelivered them on Tuesday. Unfortunately, 2 out of the three pieces still had problems. The microwave cabinet had streaky, shiny marks on the finish and the bake center piece was too tall!!! Back again they go.

Marble fabricator came on Wednesday and installed bathroom countertops and thresholds:

Electrical trim-out starts this weekend. So in preparation, I went over to Independent Electrical Supply in Sunnyvale and bought all the recessed can trims, dimmers, fluorescent undercab/overcab lights, lamps (aka lightbulbs). That set us back $1700 and I think everything fits into two big shopping bags. And we still have to buy most of our light fixtures, plus vacancy sensors, plus timer switches. Electrical/Lighting ain't cheap. But I do LOVE lighting fixtures! I'll have to do a separate post about all the great fixtures I've found - and their outrageous prices!

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