Friday, April 06, 2007

Paint, Paint, Paint

Rolling along with the paint:

Here's our color palette downstairs:

and upstairs:

Some painted rooms (all colors Benjamin Moore):.
Soft Pumpkin in the Girls' BR:

Palladian Blue in the boy's BR:

Concord Ivory downstairs in the Office/Arts & Crafts rm:

Palladian Blue again in the hallway:

Elephant Tusk in the Master BR:

And here's my project, painting the kitchen island using two coats of different colored milk paint. I first removed all the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. Then painted the first coat using Barn Red.

The final coat of Soldier Blue was applied over the Barn Red, then sanded down so that some of the red came thru. Then the piece was finished with a mixture of linseed oil and paint thinner to protect it from water and oil stains.


Paula said...

I love the bm elephant tusk. I am thinking of painting my kitchen and livingroom elephant tusk (after seeing your house). Can you tell me your thoughts on the color? Is it a really light cream? Does it have a grey undertone? My plan is to create a farmhouse kitchen/livingroom (though I have black appliances....which might be too much of a contrast with the tusk.) I'd appreciate your opinion of the color. By the way, yout house is so beautiful!

Pearl said...

Hi Paula,
I don't think of Elephant Tusk as a light cream, more medium cream, as there is a definite contrast with our white trim. To my eye, it has a yellow undertone, maybe even a bit of green which comes out when the room is in shade. As a comparison, I think of BM Soft Chamois (OC-13) as being lighter and having a grayer tone. For me, I loved Elephant Tusk because it was warm w/o straying into the yellows, thus still worked as a neutral.
Thanks for visiting and hope you have fun with your project!