Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 7-8 Will he or won't he?

Remember how I said I thought the demo part was going to take longer than planned? Well yesterday I reviewed the situation with the foreman and he assured me they would be done by Wed. They had a minor glitch because their truck broke down so they'd been unable to haul away the debris, but if necessary, he'd get another truck to finish the job. Besides, they had to be done by Wed because they had another job starting on Thurs. So I went to sleep last night feeling pretty good I could get foundation and concrete sawing started on Thurs.

Well, now it's Tues afternoon and there's only one guy working at the house, (the older fellow, not even one of the younger guys......sorry, don't mean to age discriminate!). It took him all morning to demo half the chimney.
At this rate, he might finish the rest of the chimney, but there's still the chimney foundation plus the front walkway, plus a couple of minor things they forgot. Plus loading all the debris into a truck to haul away.

So, this is the roller coaster ride of remodeling. Will he or won't he.......finish on schedule?

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