Thursday, September 14, 2006

Week 10

A continuation of last week - namely, still feeling crazed and maniacal with all the decisions, purchases, research, follow-up.

Started researching cupolas and weathervanes. Realized they don't have to be installed in conjunction with the roof. Therefore, they go to the end of the priority line.

Next on the desperate list: a fire-rated door. Discovered the kind I want (single panel from Tru-Stile) has a 5-6 week leadtime. Aaaack! Guess I shoulda ordered that awhile ago. But I needed to have the jamb depth and that required cutting thru the wall to determine the stucco depth. Hmmm, I'm sure that's going to back up my schedule somehow, somewhere.

Now that we're getting close to finishing the framing, it's time to schedule the roofer to come back and put up the plywood sheathing, followed by an inspection, before he can actually shingle the roof. So I got on his docket for the week of 10/2, but that also means I need to finalize my roof color choice. I already picked out the brand and style a month or two ago (thank goodness). So this week I called up the roofing supply company to get a list of addresses of houses that have the brand/style/color roof I'm considering. I drove around and checked them out. Here are the two options we're considering:

You know what - either one will probably be fine. And you know what - here's what I've decided about all these choices and decisions that have to be made. You spend all this time agonizing over them and a year from now, you won't even notice. That's my new attitude after only 2 1/2 months of remodeling :-)

For example, my framer asked me this week whether I wanted to have the Great Room ceiling a bit higher than in the kitchen. I said "I really don't have an opinion either way." Translation: "I'm too tired to think this thru and make a good decision." I need to make sure I get a second wind when it comes time to choose all the finish materials, colors and styles.

(BTW, we decided to keep the ceiling height uniform through out the space. I think the framer unilaterally arrived at that decision, because I was just too dazed at that point.)

I laid out the bathroom tile samples in each of the bathrooms just to check the scale and make sure it looked ok. Of course, now I'm vacillating between 4x4 or 6x6 for the Master BA floor border. But everything else looks good!

Even the HVAC guy showed up this week! I called him Wed am; he showed up 2 hrs later. His crew worked on repositioning the upstairs furnace. If you recall, we had to move it in order to raise the upstairs BA ceiling to 8'. I really hope they know what they're doing. Of all my subs, they inspire the least confidence. I was really hoping to get the father-in-law. Instead, I got the son-in-law. Please God!......

The most exciting news of the week came from my window installer. They're coming on Friday to start installing the windows!!! I got my first shipment of windows on Thursday; then Fri am, I'll be getting a second shipment which will be the bulk of the windows. Even the Marvin windows showed up this week. I just need to get down to the warehouse and pick them up. I can't wait to see the windows installed. They always say windows are like the eyes of the house and thru them you can see its true soul!

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Francesca said...

That's a great observation you made about decisions. They seem like such a big deal at the time, and you do all this resesarch, and you think you know the important features. But it's hard to predict what will make you happy in the future. Anyway, looks like you have a great attitude. I'm impressed!