Saturday, August 19, 2006

Door Shopping

Tristan and I went over to the house today to take inventory of our salvaged doors. These are doors that we got free from friends and other remodelers. We needed to measure all the salvaged doors and match size, style and door swing to our door list.

After noting what we were missing, we went over to Whole House Building Supply with our shopping list. Boy do they have a lot of salvaged doors, and windows, and moulding and lumber - you get the picture. It's kinda hit or miss, sifting thru all the junk to find the right size door with the right panel and stick profile, correct door swing, pre-hung or not, upper glass lites, etc. We ended up getting 2 out of 7 on our shopping list. But since interior doors go in later, we can keep going back to see what additional new inventory comes in. Going to the salvage yard, we saved anywhere from 33 - 50% vs. buying a comparable new door.

Now the next step is to start thinking about door hardware. It's amazing, all the options and choices. Of course I had to check out a book from the library and read up on hinges, strikeplates, bored locksets, mortised locksets, pocket door locks.... never mind the doorknobs.

Just as an example, in our remodel we could possibly end up using 3 different types of hinges: butt hinges, invisible Soss hinges and double-acting hinges.

Another design element that I hope to incorporate involves an external sliding door. We're going to try and salvage our existing sliding garage door and use it inside the house as a "barn" door for the playroom.

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