Thursday, August 24, 2006

Little Things

A lot of little things happened today.

Our 10' w sliding glass patio door arrived at the glass shop. Unfortunately, we're not ready for it so I asked them to hold it at their facility. Our first Amsco order is also sitting at the warehouse ready to be delivered when I pull the trigger. Wouldn't you know it, the Marvin windows, which were the very first windows I ordered, are nowhere to be seen. But it's a moot point. We haven't even framed that wall, so I haven't even bothered to followup with the window guy to find out where they are.

Someone came by to take all the short pieces of rebar lying around (another Craigslist posting). He's going to use them as tent stakes at Burning Man!

Ruben and his crew took the day off. They're waiting for the concrete to cure a bit before they start working on the framing.

But the plumber's assistant showed up! I guess Keith felt guilty enough to send someone after I left 3 messages. Billy moved the tub upstairs, took out the old kitchen sink drain that was sticking out of the foundation, and finished the Master BA vent stack. It was fortunate Billy was at the house today because a truck showed up with the gas fireplace.

But the best thing that happened today was the big trench got filled. I was so sick and tired of seeing the piles of dirt on top of my poor plants. The cleanout had been fixed awhile ago, but they never got around to putting the dirt back. That was one of my requests to Keith. After Billy left, I spent another 1 1/2 hrs picking out mortar and brick chunks, pulling out tree root pieces, leveling the dirt and sweeping the brick. I think it looks so much better now. Here's before:

And afters:

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