Friday, August 25, 2006

Our Schedule

I haven't mentioned anything lately about how far behind we are. Mostly because I've been too scared/depressed/dejected to look at the schedule and figure it out. Well, can't be blind and ignorant forever. I plugged in all the dates and we've gone from 2 wks behind after demo to 3 1/2 wks behind after foundation pour. Next would be finishing framing and I figure that will put us back 5 wks from my original plan.

As bleak as this picture may look, here's some mitigating factors:

1) Did I mention my original plan calls for us to finish in 4 1/2 months? So if I tack on the 5 wks, that puts us at around 6 months, compare with 6 - 9 mos which is what most of the GCs who bid on this project estimated.

2) I still think we might be able to make back some of that time. Crazy optimist, I know, but in my original plan, I had all the rough-in work proceed in a linear fashion. In other words, plumbing didn't start until framing was finished. HVAC didn't start until plumbing was finished. And electrical didn't start until HVAC was finished. But I'm hoping I can get some parallel processing going.

3) Finally, we are fortunate our living situation is very flexible and there is no required date to leave (I don't think there is, is there, Mom and Dad?)

However, I am now toying with the idea of doing some finish work ourselves to keep our costs down. If we go that route, it will definitely take longer. So my other strategy is to find out how to get a Certificate of Occupancy. Maybe we can move in before all the work is done, then finish some of the work ourselves, afterwards.

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Mad said...

Posting after midnight when you've been up since before dawn to meet the subcontractors can make things seem a lot bleaker than they really are and foul up your math, too. By my conculations, 4.5 months + 5.5 weeks = 6 months, which is mighty impressive and a lot easier to stomache, no? It's going to be a wonderful house very soon!